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128 days
Plans Investment Plans: 2% weekly for 777 days | 12,500% - 400% after 160 - 20 business days
Payment Methods PerfectMoney
Payment Type Manual
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Aug, 29 02:35

Paying! Withdrawal..
Aug, 18 09:43

i dislike this program,no good desgin!
Aug, 18 01:56

i like this program,best!!!
Aug, 17 05:37

very good,i like it
Aug, 14 10:09

hat a nice project guys
Aug, 14 10:08

very good,i like it
Aug, 11 05:16

I was paid again guys and that too instantly I like this program and hence i make several reinvestments here so i can keep earning :) Payment batch - The amount of 102.91 USD has been deposited to
Aug, 10 12:40

Project is really amazing guys I was paid instantly and i decided to add another deposit like always :) Payment batch - The amount of 102.21 USD has been deposited to your account.
Aug, 07 08:39

paid!!!i like it!
Aug, 07 08:39

very good,i like it
Aug, 07 08:38

This Site Good one .
Aug, 07 07:46

What a wonderful program guys I was paid again very fast from here
Aug, 07 09:39

$141.22 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account
Aug, 07 09:39

Project is really great guys I was paid once again on a weekday here and that too really fast I like how the project is developing :) Payment batch
Aug, 07 09:38

I like how the program is stable and pays really fast withdrawals too
Aug, 07 09:37

rogram is really great guys I was paid once again from the project and that too really fast I like how the program is running great since months for me
Aug, 07 09:36

What a nice paying program guys I was paid very fast to my perfectmoney wallet again
Aug, 07 09:36

Paying ……….. Paying ………..Paying ………..
Aug, 07 09:34

Project is fantastic guys and top notch I
Aug, 07 09:32

$10.00 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account U65102348. Transaction batch is 263485629.
Aug, 07 09:28

What a nice project guys I have been earning here since quite a long time and that too payouts
Aug, 07 09:28

This Site Good one .
Aug, 07 09:27

Aug, 07 09:26

paid!!!i like it!
Aug, 04 08:34

i like this program,best!!!
Jul, 29 06:24

pay on time!!!
Jul, 23 07:04

very good!!!
Jul, 23 06:21

some votes goes
Jul, 21 08:48

very good,i like it

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